Dead Target Mod APK iOS 4.106.3.


Dead Target, an epic shooting, most exciting, and brainstorming game, is a popular gaming application for smartphone users. For detailed information regarding the game and its features, let’s dive deep into the game specs and related Mod features for Dead Target Mod APK iOS and it’s relative games.

This is an offline game; once you download it, you need no worries about having the internet available. The scenario is that you have to kill the zombies and battle for your survival. The game’s main objective is to eradicate the zombies from this world to make our planet safer for humans.

Game Features for Dead Target Mod APK iOS

You can find Dead Target game in App Store. Let’s discuss the number of interesting Dead Target Mod APK iOS game features in detail.

Epic 3D guns, the latest ammunition, is used for killing zombies, the most dangerous creature on earth. Many different guns with the latest function are available for shooting zombies. You can download and play all mod APK iOS features here.

explosive weapons

By changing weapons from time to time, you will realize which weapon is best to use. Time efficiency will come into play with your experience. 

While playing the Dead target game, you will encounter Zombie waves. In this panic situation, you will not survive with normal guns. Continuously upgrade your weapons with Sniper rifles, updated guns, and rocket launchers in Dead Target Mod APK iOS.

As shooting and killing zombies are our main tasks, you will be amused with 3D shooting, as you have to kill zombies within no time.

One of the main advantages of playing this Dead Target Mod APK iOS game is that it’s free and can be played offline without requiring an internet connection.

unmatchable graphics

While playing the game, you will realize that zombies are dispersed everywhere within no time; a headshot is the only solution to get rid of the zombie mob to progress further in Dead Target Mod APK iOS.

Zombies attacking you may come in a variety of sizes. You cannot use one strategy for all zombies. So aim and shoot rightly before targeting the zombies.

A comprehensive strategy will be required for dealing with these zombies. So be well-strategized before you start playing.

The game will become harder once you unlock the initial easy stages. New 3d guns will be unlocked when you cross certain achievements. Make sure to use your weapons to their full potential for the best results.

Each gun works differently; similarly, each zombie has a special task assigned to place damage on you. So this game is full of adventure and enthusiasm.

As you go through different stages, you will learn how to build your game more effectively with different combinations of weapons.

To survive zombies, always check your medical health and boost your health with med kits. Your survival against the zombies is the main goal to achieve. 

You can also read Dead Target Mod APK vs. Mad Zombie Mod APK for further info regarding the Zombies invasion.

Dead Target Mod APK vs. Alien Shooter Mod APK

There are multiple quests available in this shooting action game. You can proceed by completing those quests and unlocking different weapons for future use.

If you stand up from the crowd and play well, you will be awarded “Legends.” 

Use maps wisely, as there are different landscapes to hover and discover.

Finally, Good Luck to all users, Play and enjoy.

Mod APK Features for iOS

You can download and install the mod APK and get the following benefits:

Mod APK Features for iOS
  • With this advanced free mod APK feature for iOS, you can get unlimited Gold.
  • You also have access to unlimited cash.
  • Regarding weapons, you can get unlimited Grenades and unlimited Ammo.
  • To keep you safe from zombies, unlimited Med kits are available.
  • Target the headshot with one hit kill feature.
  • These mod features will increase your accuracy and targeting to kill the zombies.

Mod Devices that Work on iOS

This Mod APK feature is perfectly used for iPhones starting from the iPhone series iPhone 5s and moving on to iPhone 6, 7, and finally, the new version of the iPhone 14. iPod and iPad mini 2,3 and 4 are also suitable for iOS devices. 

Highly Enticing Game

This article might also help you regarding Dead Target Mod APK Review and get more interesting facts and figures regarding this game.

Installation Procedure

Follow all the following steps for downloading and installing Dead Target Mod APK for iOS:

  • As this is the latest version, 4.106.3. , uninstall any previous game version.
  • Now Download the latest version of the Mod APK game from the below link and save it on your iOS Device.
  • Open the security settings of your iOS.
  • Allow the APK file to be downloaded from Unknown sources. Just make sure it is Enabled.
  • Find the folder where you have saved this Mod APK File.
  • Open the folder.
  • Once you have found this APK file, click on install.
  • The installation will begin; now let the installation process be finished until you can see the Dead Target Mod APK iOS button on your Home screen.
  • Just Tap on the Game button and start enjoying and playing this game without paying anything. 


VNG Game Studios keep on updating it’s content after regular intervals. The current latest version is 4.106.3 which will replace the old version of 4.100.0.

The number of missions and levels are countless in Dead Target game. As the main goal of the publisher, VNG Game Studios , is to increase the excitement in the game. So it’s team keep on updating new versions on a quarterly basis or more earlier than this.

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