Dead Target Mod APK vs. Alien Shooter Mod APK 4.106.3.

Both games are masterpiece by VNG Game Studios. Game playing features are almost the same with a little difference between them. Both games are equally adventurous and deciding which game to play between Dead Target Mod APK vs Alien Shooter Mod APK is very difficult. But Dead Target has got more popularity with time than any other game and the number of downloads in millions is the obvious result of this.

Dead Target Mod APK Release date was June 16, 2014. Let’s see the game features of Dead Target Mod APK vs. Alien Shooter Mod APK, similarities and differences between them.

Dead Target Mod APK Features


The scene behind the game is that you are supposed to be in the Year  2040. After the outbreak of world war 2, the catastrophe of the planet is hovering over the clouds. The world is still suffering from the destruction of war and a very dangerous virus which can be transferred from one human to another is on the way. These Zombies are spreading around the whole world and their numbers are increasing alarmingly. You are lucky enough to survive and combat Zombies and kill them with advanced weapons and headshots.

Dead Target Mod APK vs. Alien Shooter Mod APK

You can download Dead Target game from the Google Play Store. The Dead Target Game features are as follows:

Highly Enticing Game

The suspense of the game increases with every stage as Zombies become difficult to kill with every stage crossed in Dead Target Mod APK vs. Alien Shooter Mod APK. It’s become hard enough to kill Zombies as you progress forward to advanced stages. Zombies are equipped with more advanced features as you move to higher stages. This will keep users engaged in the game for hours and that’s the secret of success of this game.

Explosive Weapons

By playing the game and unlocking advanced stages you can get access to highly explosive weapons like Machine guns, Rifles and Grenades and many more. Keep up your work and explosive weapons will keep increasing at every single stage. You can get details about Best Phones to play this game here.

explosive weapons

Offline & Free to Play

 This game can be downloaded and played offline without any cost. You will require the internet once you install the game on mobile or PC for Dead Target Mod APK vs. Alien Shooter Mod APK. After this you can play offline and all your progress in the game will be saved when you connect it to the internet. This means that you can play the game anywhere you want without internet constraint.

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Shooting Sound & Graphic Effects

The real class behind the game is its highly engaging, real look 3D Graphics with fps themes. The trembling sound of the weapons while pressing the trigger button is really amazing and sounds pretty nice. You will get the feeling of using your weapons as if you were using it in your real life in Dead Target Mod APK vs. Alien Shooter Mod APK. This shocking experience for new users really provokes them to play this game for several hours.

Achievements on Leader Boards

You can simply outclass Zombies and kill them with advanced and explosive weapons. The user can place his achievements in the hall of fame and on the leaderboards towards the progress in the game. He can share your score with your friends by placing his success on the leaderboard. 

Achievements on the Leaderboard

APK Unlimited Mod Features

By downloading APK Mod features you can get access to unlimited money, unlimited Diamonds, unlimited cash, unlimited ammo and unlimited health and many more. To install and run a Mod APK file is completely safe to use and it works 100 percent according to the user requirements and it’s completely free as well for Dead Target Mod APK vs. Alien Shooter Mod APK

Alien Shooter Mod APK

In the Dead Target game we kill Zombies in mobs but in this Alien Shooter game we have to compete against the aliens and try to save our planet from these nasty Aliens. Combination of skills will be required to get rid of Aliens to eradicate them to save our planet. These Aliens will be more empowered once you cross the initial stages. Diversity of tricks and tactics will be required to combat the Aliens.

Alien Shooter Mod APK

There is an immense competition of fighting with Aliens on many mysterious planets. Fight hard with them and give them a tough time before they will encounter you. Like any other game by VNG game studios it can be played offline anywhere in the world and it’s completely free to use. High quality visual and sound effects with 3D Graphics will keep users engaged in playing and enjoying the game for hours without any distress.

The main features of Dead Target Mod APK vs. Alien Shooter Mod APK is presented in table format below:

FeatureDead Target Mod APKAlien Shooter Mod APK
Release DateJun 16, 2014April 12, 2022
Latest Version4.
Size146 MB105 MB
Downloads1,00,000,000 plus10,000 plus
Review23,00,000 [ 2.3 M ]98.00
Rated4.6 Stars3.2 Stars
DeveloperVNG Game StudiosVNG Game Studios
Android5.1 and Above4.4 and Above
Mod FeatureUnlimited EverythingUnlimited Everything
Last UpdateMay 09, 2023April 12, 2022
CategoryAction GameAction Game
LicenseFree to UseFree to Use
Internet RequiredNot RequiredNot Required
Inn-App PurchaseAllowedAllowed

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You can simply purchase the Gloves once it’s available in your account shop. As it’s a limited time edition so purchasing is by far the best practice.

Simply target at the Zombies and kill them with headshots or on the chest. Keep on moving forward by completing the tasks and grabbing advanced weapons unlocked with cash and money in hand.

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