Dead Target Mod APK 4.106.3 Unlimited Money

System Requirements for APK

Dead TargetMOD Features
App NameDead Target
Release DateJune 16, 2014
PublisherVNG Game Studios
Size150 MB
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money/ Weapons
Android Requirement5.0 and Up
Last Updated09 May, 2023
Rated4.6 Stars
Dead Target Mod Features


Dead target Mod APK, the most popular shooting action game, offer its users different options with massive gameplay competition on every frame. It’s totally free of cost, a zombie game for any mobile device users. A horrible war is in progress, if you have a big heart and take up the challenge, this battle is for you. You can simply download any of the Zombie shooting games at Dead Target APK.

Dead Target Mod APK Release Date was June 16, 2014. The scenario of the game is that zombies are a mob of dispersed crowds, resulting in the beginning of mortal struggle. Your ultimate goal is to collect as much ammunition, guns, snipers, grenades and medical kits as possible for survival against zombies. This could be your last day on earth.

Battle Pass in Dead Target

As you are facing real life threats from zombies, blood suckers, your life is at risk. You have to immediately select the weapons, gun or sniper rifle, and shoot them in no time. Who knows that you might be the last man to see the rays of the sun, so a quick response for survival is required to deal with the zombies.

Survival through fighting is the only option left on your behalf. Pick up your gun, a sniper or rifle, start killing all the zombies that have direct interaction with you. As this is an offline game, no internet is required; you can kill the zombies with a huge variety of ammunition at your disposal starting from simple guns to sniper rifles and grenades.

dead target APK

This 3D game, full of unique graphic designs, is carefully designed for entertaining its users like playing a real game. Upgrading of guns at regular intervals is necessary during the battle for killing zombies with pump action rifles and sniper rifles. 

Unlimited Everything in Dead Target Mod APK

It’s a totally adventurous survival shooting game, having no space for the cowardly people. Its control system is quite sophisticated and clearly designed for manipulating players in agility. By using your weapon, guns, rifles, daggers and sniper rifles, you can defeat these monstrous zombies.

Always keep your hand on trigger position, once you can see the zombies in your firing range, press and shoot the trigger continuously.

Unlimited Everything
Unlimited Everything

Zombies, hideous and evil, do not stop attacking you. They will gather outside your border area and plan to kill you within no time. Keep an eye on outside of the border area and continuously kill them before they invade and kill innocent humans.

For collecting guns of highly sophisticated and advanced nature, don’t forget to participate in Battle Pass events. High destructive power is required for dealing with obnoxious zombies, so these special featured guns with advanced features will definitely do the trick to kill the zombies.

These advanced featured guns could be named as survival items as you cannot survive without these ammunitions. The more you participate in challenging events, the more advanced the collection of weapons you will get. Different types of gun skins along with guns are available for dealing and killing those zombies. The key thing is that these skin guns appear on the map for a very short time. So keep an eye on the map as they are the most important weapon for killing zombies.

Free Game with Multiplayer System Options

As this game is free and can be played offline, players will remain full of passion as they can play and kill the zombies anytime and anywhere they want. There is not any restriction on playing the game with internet connection. After downloading the game, you can play it from any corner of the world. Our latest version of this game gives you the best 50 powerful weapons that can destroy anyone who comes on your way or tries to stop you.

Killing zombies through sniper mode is also quite an amazing feature. You can simply destroy and kill the zombies from far distances without having any difficulty. This will really amaze you. While aiming at the enemy, its 3D unique graphics look will astonish you and this will result in increasing your passion for the game.

Dead Target Game Features
All Guns Unlocked

The voice and sound effect of each different gun will fascinate you, which is the result of the professionalism adopted by the game developer.

One important thing to remember is to always upgrade your weapons frequently, change skins and modify character costumes for winning the survival battle against ugly zombies. Just point the gun towards the zombies, automatic gun system, will kill the zombies in a second. Shoot all the zombies coming to your direction and seek help from snipers for dealing with these monsters. Playing this game is not only fun but results in an addiction for the player.

You can quickly download the updated version of this game, full of adventure and passion, to your device within no time. This will increase your passion and wisdom intellect in strategy making as well, as a lot of strategy making techniques are required to deal with this action game.   

Dead Target Mod APK Latest Version

This new updated version 4.106.3 of the game is optimized for all devices. The game is 100% guaranteed to run smoothly regardless of the devices or Operating system versions.

PROs and CONs of Zombie Game



  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock All Weapons
  • Unlimited First aid
  • Ads Free
  • Free Download
  • Negative impact on social and physical health
  • Aggression
  • Excessive gameplay may become an addiction

Dead Target Mod APK features 2023

Free Shopping in Dead Target APK

With our mod APK 2023 you can play and kill the zombies with any weapon, guns, rifles and sniper rifles of your choice. Anything which is locked in the original game will be unlocked in this mod APK. Afterwards you will be amazed playing with weapons like rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, machine guns and so on….

After every stage the game will become tough to play and zombies will come in more force. So this mod APK version will really help you tackle the situation and kill the zombies. With a huge amount of cash available, you can easily buy unlimited diamonds and gold.

By downloading and installing our mod APK file you can get access to the following free mod features:

  • Unlimited Diamond
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Ads free
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Grenades
  • Unlock Powerful Weapons

All Guns Unlocked in Dead Target Mod APK

Advanced technology guns like Bren, Lupara, Crossbow, Brain-Mill, Grenade launcher, Lewis, KSG, Winchester, Minigun, Enfield 303 and many more exciting guns , rifles and snipers, machine guns and submachine guns are available along with rocket launchers.

Download Dead Target Mod APK File

As you’ve now enough knowledge of how to play dead target game. Let’s proceed to how to download this game on your android device for getting unlimited gold, cash and money. Please note down that as its APK file so you have to download manually in your android device system.

This game is limited for android phones and tablets and not for any other operating system. As this is the updated version of how to download dead target game , you will get all the latest updates and features regarding the mod APK essentials.

Following are the steps to download mod APK file directly into your browser:

  1. First and basic step is to uninstall any previous version of the dead target game.
  2. Download from the link below of dead target unlimited gold and money mod APK and save it in your storage file.
  3. By opening the setting of your android device , open the security settings.
  4. Just enable the unknown sources tab under device administration tab.
  5. Now navigate to the folder where you have saved zombie Dead Target Mod APK.
  6. Click on the APK file and install.
  7. You can see the installation process has started, just wait for it to finish. Once it’s completed you will be able to see the dead target game icon on your home screen.
  8. Just click on the game button showing on the home screen and enjoy playing the latest version of the game without paying any cash.

Leaderboards- Hall of Fame

While playing and enjoying the game and killing the zombies, you can show your progress to the world on the leaderboards hall of fame. You can score as many points as you like at any level of the game. You can also visit Dead Target Mod APK Review for more information regarding the user experience of this game.

Final Verdict

Dead target Mod APK, an epic shooting action game, is one of the best playing games all over the world on the internet. With its mod features you can enjoy playing it with unlimited stuff available in it. To remain passionate and to increase the user interest, the game developers keep on updating new missions and tasks at regular intervals.

The main reason behind frequent updates is to increase the user experience relating to the game. Not any stage of the game users feel bored while playing the game. You can play as long as you like it. Another best feature of this game is that the whole game is totally free and you don’t have to pay a single buck of it. All its mod features are completely free and up to the mark.

Many different websites on the internet are spreading false information regarding the game and ask to pay for getting unlocked features like unlimited money, unlimited diamonds, unlock all weapons etc. They are just fake versions of the app and you will end in paying and getting scammed from the fake site. So do not download any false versions from these sites.


– Complete different Quests and achievments

– Kill Zombies with Headshots

– Play Casino Games

– Try chest shots if you can’t fire directly at the head.

– To reduce ammo consumption and allow quicker kill times , damage booster is used.

 -You can purchase gloves in special events. It’s a limited time edition and you can purchase in special time.

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