Mad Zombies Mod APK vs Dead Warfare Mod APK Free

Game Introduction

These two games Mad Zombies Mod APK vs Dead Warfare Mod APK are up to the mark along with Dead Target Mod APK game by VNG Game Studios. It really set the tone for its developers to grow in this field.

Let’s explore these two Mad Zombies Mod APK vs Dead Warfare Mod APK game features in detail below:

Mad Zombies Mod APK

This is one of the most famous games played by the user’s of VNG Game Studios. Its features are loved by the user’s with shooting Zombies right from the scratch.

The passion of its user’s increases day by day which results in increasing involvement in the game.

Mad Zombies Mod APK
Mad Zombies MOD APK

Let’s see some of the salient features of this game below:

Release Date

This epic shooting game is released on October 3, 2018. It is updated time by time with the last update of January 10, 2023.

System Requirements

This game can be played with 5.1 and above android versions otherwise it’ll not be able to deliver the desired results.

Latest Version

The most updated version used till now is 5.32.0. Frequent versions have been updated by the VNG Games team for building the interest of its user’s.

Inn-App Purchases

User’s have the option of shopping ranging from $0.99-$99.99. Inn-App purchases are allowed without any restrictions in both games.

Magical Number of Downloads

Mad Zombies game has just crossed the magical number of 10,000,000 (10 M+) downloads. This shows the user interest in the game. These figures are astonishing for anyone who wants to compete in this field.

Number of Reviews

High number of downloads results in high number of reviews in the game. The number of reviews is 144,000 (144 K) and it keeps on increasing day by day. This case is same for both games.

Number of Ratings

The user’s of this game have given 4.1 Stars rating ,a bit low but still good. Its user’s are crazy while playing this game for hours and hours.

Major Task to Perform

The story of the game circulates around the bloody Zombies and killing them. As you’re living in a Post-Apocalyptic world, Zombies are wandering around everywhere as they’re thirsty for human blood. Keep a good eye on these sluggish Zombies as they’ll attack you in mobs. Also keep in mind your survival is necessary for human survival.

Mad Zombies Killing
Mad Zombies Killing

Use of Weapons

To combat against the Zombies effectively, your arms and ammunition must be as right as rain. Hand grenades , heavy machine guns , sniper rifles etc. are a variety of weapons to use against them. Fight for your survival otherwise you’ll be in your grave.

Offline Game Mod

This game can be played offline without the need of the internet. Enjoy and play the game wherever you are in Mad Zombies Mod APK vs Dead Warfare Mod APK.

High Quality Graphics and Sounds

The graphics and sound quality is amazing for Mad Zombies Mod APK vs Dead Warfare Mod APK. You’ll never get better results than this. To enjoy high quality graphics and thundering resonating sounds you must have a good system available with you as well.

Mod APK Features

Run a simple file with mod APK extension and enjoy multiple benefits in the game free of cost. You’ll get access to mod features like unlimited weapons with more than 50 types and uses, unlimited money, unlimited diamonds, health and medical kits and many countless things as well. You can also shop free of cost for anything regarding purchases.

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Dead Warfare Mod APK

If you’re fond of shooting and playing games like aiming and targeting, this Dead Warfare mod APK game is for you.

Zombies are scattered all over the globe and you’ve to fight for the survival of the humans.

Dead Warfare Mod APK
Dead Warfare Mod APK

Let’s proceed to its game features below:

Release Date

This game was released on February 23, 2017. Its last update was on March 22, 2022. Frequent updates are necessary for removing bugs as mentioned by the user’s.

Android Requirements

For enjoying the game your android must support 4.4 and up versions. Below this the game will not properly function resulting in delay or lag in the game.

Latest Version

The latest version of the game is 2.21.14. Its developers and team members keep on updating the game with the latest version to entertain its user’s.

Inn-App Purchase

Inn-App purchase is allowed but still you can enjoy and play the game without spending a single buck for Mad Zombies Mod APK vs Dead Warfare Mod APK.

Massive Number of Downloads

The number of downloads has crossed 10,000,000 (10M) Plus, this figure is just remarkable for anyone trying to hold the market share. This also shows the love and addiction of this game for the user’s.

Number of Reviews

Its number of reviews is almost double from Mad Zombies game which is 262,000 (262k). This simply shows the craziness of the users towards this game.

Dead Warfare Killing
Dead Warfare Killing

Number of Ratings

Dead Warfare has got a better rating than Mad Zombies game which is 4.5 Stars. This rating shows the improvements made by its developers well over time mainly focusing on research in Mad Zombies Mod APK vs Dead Warfare Mod APK.

Major Task in the Game

One thing to understand is that all the games developed by VNG Game Studios revolve around killing the Zombies with the latest arms and ammunition, and your survival as a human is vital. Living and surviving in the Post-Apocalyptic world is highly risky but you’re forced to live and survive in these circumstances. Unlock the latest weapons and get daily rewards by proceeding forward to Pro stages.

Countless Number of Levels

For increasing the game thrill, its developers keep on increasing countless number of levels. This is almost a never ending battle started between you as a human and the Zombies as a killer for both Mad Zombies Mod APK vs Dead Warfare Mod APK.

Hall of Fame and Leaderboards

Play like a Pro and share your level and scores on the game leaderboard and show your aggression and passion towards this game.

Mod APK Features

Install mod APK files from any authentic site online and enjoy unlimited access to money, levels, weapons and unlimited health with free medical kits. This file is completely safe and secure to use and free of cost as well for Mad Zombies Mod APK vs Dead Warfare Mod APK.

Mad Zombies Mod APK vs. Dead Warfare Mod APK

Let’s see all the above information of both these games Mad Zombies Mod APK vs Dead Warfare Mod APK in tabular form below:

FeatureMad Zombies Mod APKDead Warfare Mod APK
Release DateOctober 03, 2018February 23, 2017
Latest Version5.
Size116 MB116 MB
Downloads10,000,000 plus10,000,000 plus
Review144,000 Reviews262,000 Reviews
Rated4.1 Stars4.5 Stars
DeveloperVNG Game StudiosVNG Game Studios
Android5.1 and Above4.4 and Above
Mod FeatureUnlimited EverythingUnlimited Everything
Last UpdateJanuary 10, 2023March 22, 2022
CategoryAction GameAction Game
LicenseFree to UseFree to Use
Internet RequiredNot RequiredNot Required
Inn-App PurchaseAllowedAllowed
Features of Mad Zombies Mod APK vs. Dead Warfare Mod APK

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