Zombie Hunter Mod APK vs. Sniper Zombies Mod APK 1.59.0 Free

Game Introduction

All the games developed by VNG Game Studios regarding Zombie Apocalypse like Dead Target Mod APK, they’re at their best reaching a collective downloads of more than 200 million plus with almost 1 million reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars, are the miraculous victories and shows the stickiness of the users towards this game. Zombie Hunter Mod APK vs. Sniper Zombies Mod APK are also the masterpieces of VNG Game Studios. This shows the monopoly attained over time with best practices by the VNG team and their co-founders.

Lets’ see the most dominating features for both Zombie Hunter Mod APK vs. Sniper Zombies Mod APK games attained over time below:

Zombie Hunter Mod APK Features

The main theme behind any game developed by VNG programmers, is to roast the Zombies with thrilling power and to eradicate them from the surface of earth. This is the main point behind any game relating to Zombies. Your survival in this post-apocalyptic world is alarming as the Zombies outbreak is out of control. User’s of this game must have strong nerves to combat horror and fear along with other factors.

As you progress towards the game, your attention in the game increases and this will result in playing the game for hours and it will never bore you for sure. The high user retention shows the number of downloads reaching to 10,000,000 plus which is really a huge number.

Zombie Hunter APK
Zombie Hunter APK

Zombie Hunter is an offline game with a variety of features in it. You can play offline without any geo constraints limits. Play as much as you can, internet presence is no more a problem. Inn-App purchase is allowed but you can simply unlock all the weapons and other rewards by progressing to the next stages.

As there is no place to hide against the nasty Zombies, you’ve to encounter many different types of Zombies like Jumping and Fat Zombies along with mad and toxic Zombies. They will suddenly attack you from the surface of earth to the ceiling over your head. Beware of their frequent tricky movements, as they’ll not spare a single chance of hitting you from anywhere. 

A famous quote is “ you can’t win any war without your weapons”.  Advance ammunition is required to combat Zombies which have diversity in their functions. You have to be professional enough to apply different shooting tactics for getting rid of horrible Zombies. All the weapons like launchers, Snipers and rifles , grenades etc. are available to destroy Zombies. Unlock these weapons while you cross each stage in both games.

Damaging Weapons
Damaging Weapons

The most beautiful part which really amazed its user’s are their Graphical representation of this game. You can’t get better results than this from anywhere. This is the main point which hooks its user’s to play this game for an unlimited period of time.   

If you feel cumbersome getting all these benefits of weapon unlocking and daily rewards etc. while you’ve to play the game till the end. We’ve the solution for you. Install and run the Mod APK file and get all the unlimited benefits of money , weapons , free shopping , health etc. with a single click. All you’ve to do is to save this file on your device after downloading it. It’s completely safe and free version of this is available online.

Sniper Zombies Mod APK

This Sniper Zombies Game is also well renowned among its user’s. More than 10,000,000 (10 M plus) downloads with 106,000 reviews and rating of 4.4 Stars shows high level of user satisfaction among its user’s.

This shows the authority and customer affiliation gained by the VNG Game Studios for more than a decade.

Sniper Zombies APK
Sniper Zombies APK

Let’s dive into some of the stunning features of this game.

Basically this game is a remix of a shooting Zombie game with a sniper game. Users of this game can enjoy and play the taste of both these games in a single one. You can say that again, it is as right as rain. You can’t get a better combination than this.

This game is developed in such a manner that you get addicted to this game within no time. This is certainly not suitable for the students and  teenagers as they’ll play this game for hours and a lot of time will be wasted. Beware of this fact that excess of everything is bad.

This game can be played offline and it’s totally free of cost as well. Once you install the game on your device , hit the sack, play the Sniper Zombie game wherever and whenever you want to. There will be no constraints of time and place for both Zombie Hunter Mod APK vs. Sniper Zombies Mod APK.

Variety of weapons are available along with long range sniper rifles. You can target each Zombie well away from a far distance just by pressing the trigger even from miles away. This is the beauty of this game. The experience of killing Zombies from sniper guns is a craze in itself.

Heavy Use of Weapons
Heavy Use of Weapons

The graphics quality is more improved in this game as user’s have to make an aim from far distance. The thundering and stunning sounds of weapons in the battlefield with high quality 3D Graphics and design is the dream which came true for its user’s. You will get the feeling of fighting the battle against the Zombies in the real world for Zombie Hunter Mod APK vs. Sniper Zombies Mod APK.

If you’re wondering about having all the features unlocked in a single click, let’s spill the beans. The idea I’m about to share with you is as right as rain. Download the Mod APK file online and run it on your device .It’s as easy as it sounds. Unlock all Pro features of the game like unlimited money , gold , unlimited ammo, health with no limit Med. kits and many more for Zombie Hunter Mod APK vs. Sniper Zombies Mod APK.

Zombie Hunter Mod APK vs. Sniper Zombies Mod APK

Now let’s look into detailed specs of  both Zombie Hunter Mod APK vs. Sniper Zombies Mod APK below:

FeatureZombie Hunter Mod APKSniper Zombies Mod APK
Release DateApril 23, 2020April 16, 2020
Latest Version1.
Size144 MB144 MB
Downloads10,000,000 plus10,000,000 plus
Review148,000 [ 148 K ]106,000 [ 106 K ]
Rated4.6 Stars4.4 Stars
DeveloperVNG Game StudiosVNG Game Studios
Android5.1 and Above5.0 and Above
Mod FeatureUnlimited EverythingUnlimited Everything
Last UpdateJanuary 02, 2023August 25, 2022
CategoryAction GameAction Game
LicenseFree to UseFree to Use
Internet RequiredNot RequiredNot Required
Inn-App PurchaseAllowedAllowed
Features of Zombie Hunter Mod APK vs. Sniper Zombies Mod APK

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